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Just had the best ribs I have ever made! So simple, covered both sides of the rack with Hardins Seasoning, covered the pan with foil and baked them in the oven...low and slow! Delicious!!

One of the best seasonings I have ever had. Everyone need to buy some to put on steak and seafood!!

I used to work at a grocery store, I had a customer that was from Alabama and gave me a bottle years ago and I was hooked I put it on everything. It's great on even white rice with a little butter.

Enhances the umami of a dish without overpowering it's natural meat flavor or being too salty. Do your tastebuds a favor and add it to the spice rack!

Great seasoning, nothing is overpowering but it has the essentials for flavor enhancement of every dish I've used it in. We currently use it on our steaks as standard at The House Restaurant at The Renaissance Montgomery!